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#146 - Ad Calvitium Mortuorum
Luthor and Mia are sitting on a wooden couch in the cabin. Luthor says 'Ahh, nothing like relaxing with these old books we found in the basement' while holding a very rough-looking brown book. Mia mm hmms in agreement, as a partially-visible box is saying 'Khandaa!'. Next panel Mia sits with a large tape player in her lap. '1970s audiobooks were freakin heavy', as the player continues 'My wife is dead. God help me, I buried her in the earthen floor of the fruit cellar' to which she says 'This one's growin on me tho'. Meanwhile, next to her, Luthor grimaces 'aargll' as his eyes glow red and smoke, evidently from reading the Necronomicon.