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#145 - Geist House
Luthor and Mia are in the woods, standing in front of a small cabin eerily similar to that in 'Evil Dead'. 'Nice of my cousin to let us use his old summer house for the weekend.'. Upon entry, he tries the light switch to no avail. 'Oh, that's right. He told me the circuit breaker's in the back.' Mia offers to get it, saying 'How does this not make sense to ya?'. Next panel has Luthor looking into the dark, almost completely in shadow, only his eyes and the shine from the top of his head clear. With a large ka-chuk, Mia yells 'Okay, try the switch!'. Next panel has Mia covered in spider web, joking '*cough* Hey there! I'm a roomba!' as Luthor gasps and falls to the ground in horror.