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#169 - Powder Trip
Mia returns to Luthor's bedside with a mug. Luthor takes it, saying, 'Thanks hon, but what happened? Felt like i've been waiting 3 weeks for this', to which Mia replies exasperatedly, 'you don't wanna know'. next panel, captioed 'exactly 5 minutes earlier' shows syd slipping the chocoate packets under the door, saying 'Here you go. but i'm still ticked at you.'. Zoom in on dramatic Sydney face. 'You will rue this day, Mia. Mark your calendar. You. Will. Rue.' continuing 'rueeee' as Mia walks off with a 'feh'. cut to 2 years later, with Mia clinging to the top of the antenna of the freedom tower, thinking 'oh god oh god oh god'. Panning out to her thinking 'still not as bad as last year's rue-ing'