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#167 - Portable Quasar
Mia calls Sydney from Luthor's kitchen, 'I need a favor. Sydney:'Urf. Loud! Are you on speakerphone?' Mia:'Prob'ly. I'm usually bluetoothing thru Aibo's head' syd:'Like, that's not weird in public or anything.' Mia:'Whatev. If I send you a pic of Luthor's cabinet, couldja tell me where the hot choclate is? i'm tgoing to be making turkey gravy and jello for weeks at the rate i'm goin'. Syd:'you make so little sense sometimes'. Then Mia activates the voice control on the phone to take a picture and send it to Sydney, but being so close to the cabinet w the flash on, it's just a wall of white. Sydney yells 'Gah! Happy now? you finally blinded me with science. Even your pictures are loud.' as Mia slumps, no comment