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#137 - Recycling
Mia & Sydney are walking in the city, when Sydney says 'It's true! Lots of streets have those signs.' to which Mia says 'You're full of crap'. Syd replies 'Heck, you might've had one', to which Mia pulls out her cell phone, says she needs to confirm, asking her mom if 'Did we really have a Handicapped Child sign on our street?'. When he mom says 'Yes dear', she asks 'really?? Was.. was it taken down when I got older?'. Her mom again confirms this and asks, 'Of course, what did you think would happen?'. Last panel shows a street with a Disabl'd Child Area sign, as a man in a UPS uniform is moving a box labelled 'Down Syndrome kid, do not tap on box' as he mutters, 'quotas, quotas'.